Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2007

verdammt noch mal, ich bin kein reisebüro!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ja, der erste buchstabe vom vatikan, ist ein V.)
ich meins nicht böse, aber lasst mich doch einfach alle in ruh...

jetzt zu dem, was ich eigentlich schreiben wollte.

*grüne bananen. you're just too cute :)

1. thank you. thank you so much. just..thank you. (words. they still fail me...)
2. thank you. for the best time we had together. (and still have and hopefully still going to have...)
if i could write a song, i would do it now. but as i can't, all i have left to say is: thank you.

juhuuuu, only 20 days left :)

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alekto hat gesagt…

no matter .... i would say.

and - counting days seems fun. but istn't. i'd rather stop counting and have THAT day here. NOW. oh no! but where would all the spannung go? me getting such a housewife. :( ....but happy with it.... harhar.... now going crazy again.