Sonntag, 1. November 2009

ever since watching "Girara no gyakushû: Tôya-ko Samitto kikiippatsu" i have been a bit obsessive with daikaiju - japanese giant monsters! looking for girara pictures i've also stumbled across some pretty cool monster film blogs like giant monsters attack! and undead backbrain. gma! has a brilliant list of the top 10 weird giant movie monsters where girara is entrant nr. 8.
poster of the original film
mini girara!
isn't he just the cutest?
takemajin vs. girara. takemajin-saamaaaa! (who is btw inspired and partly played by takeshi kitano)

also featured in the list are the killer bunnies from Night of the Lepus, Mothra and Ebirah, the giant killer shrimp!

attack of the killer bunny rabbits!


Robert hat gesagt…

You might be interested in this list of the Top 20 Weirdest Giant Monsters, compiled by Avery Battles for Undead Backbrain.

(Note: sorry, I sent this comment before, but with the wrong URL. I'm not sure if I succeeded in removing it!)

w. hat gesagt…

robert: thanks a lot for the link, it made my day :)