Montag, 25. Jänner 2010

i've been looking through my old blog entries the other day and remembered how i had this huge girl crush on rei shito! ever since i saw her on the sartorialist i became infatuated with her style, and after i learned that she was a streetstyle photographer for FRUiTS i loved her even more as this was the reason how my obsession with japan and streetfashion photography started! but i couldn't find out more about her as she didn't have a personal blog back then... but that's not the case anymore, yesterday i googled her again and voilá, rei's own streetstyle blog: STYLE from TOKYO rei by the sartorialist

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the ramen girl hat gesagt…

Rei is such a nice & humble person! My experience working with her and the Japanese team is definitely going to fuel my obsession with everything Japan. Haha